good tech for the social good

We offer information technology consultancy services and ship top-notch technology for the social good sector.
From choosing the right stack, to planning and design, all the way to implementation and beyond – we think that technology has a role in social change, and that it can't be played like it is in the enterprise and corporate sector. It needs not only to be good in quality, it needs to be good in all aspects – ethical, responsible, transparent and accountable.
Good tech for the social good.


We can help you choose the infrastructure that suits your needs, optimize the infrastructure you already have running, manage it for you or even host your applications if that's what you're looking for.

Data Management

Finding the correct, secure, sensible, cost-effective solution for hosting and managing your data can be daunting - we can help with that, addressing your concerns for privacy, encryption and zero-knowledge.

User Experience

Be it your organization's website or a complex data-aggregating dashboard, navigating information in an intuitive, seamless and fluid manner is key for both efficiency and gratification.

The Code

We enjoy crafting code, and love to have it at it's peak performance while following community best practices and placing security protocols where they are needed. That's (literally) what keeps the engines running.

We believe in engaging processes that encourage involvement to reinforce ownership, assessing understanding to share ambitions so that we can design working prototypes to build gratifying outcomes.


Creating a shared understanding of what we'll build is the first step.


Once we sorted out what it is, we start making it!


And when it's done, we'll be there to help you run it smoothly.